The First photo of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah reveales this week

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The time has come and We have the Great News that changes Everything. The First confirmed photo of Jesus, The Jewish Messiah is released. 

First confirmed photo of the JEWISH MESSIAH, MelekhMashiach also knows as Jesus Christ.

⚡| Chief Rabbinate Council of Israel has not authorized revealing Mashiach's "exact" identity, but Halakhic jurisprudence gives leeway to publicly state that "HE IS" one of the People in this photo:


July 12.2021:

The Jewish School published a video:

HE IS here.

October 2020:

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, The spiritual leader of Millions of Jews, and the only one who has ever met Messiah said: "I am Already Holding Meetings With Messiah and the Messiah is just about to reveal himself". Click Here for the full story.

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