Iran is a lost cause

published at 03 Nov 2023 in Analysis by admin

IRAN, which is the nexus of all the world's current geopolitical problems, will fall very soon. This is because Persians as a people, are doomed on four crucial fronts: 1. POLITICAL — Iran is currently ruled by foreigners. Supreme Leader Khamenei is ethnically Azeri-Turkish and President Raisi is an Arabian-Sayyid direct descendant of Muhammad. N

Pills to use against nuclear radiation

published at 01 Jul 2023 in Other News by admin

As Russian nuclear sabotage nears, remember You Should take iodide pills within 24 hours before or 4 hours after exposure to be most effective. When there is an accident at a nuclear power plant — if there's an explosion or a leak or it's damaged in some way in war — radioactive iodine is one of the first substances that's released into the atm

China’s Search for the Secrets of Jewish Success

published at 26 Jan 2023 in Analysis by admin

During my first trip to China in the summer of 1985, I visited English Corner in People’s Park in Shanghai one Sunday afternoon. It’s one of the places where young Chinese people used to practice their English with visiting foreigners. Officials from the university where I was teaching in Shanghai escorted me there, and a big crowd quickly gath