About Us


Terror Alarm both as a team and enterprise is a highly accredited private security firm that not only alerted authorities about terrorist attacks as they happened, but also helped thwart many acts of terror at the height of the 2014-2017 ISIS attacks in Europe.

We have no 'agenda' except to prevent acts of terror. Most of the tweets on our @Terror_Alarm Twitter feed are AI-generated and as such, they are technically mostly agenda-free tweets. Any individual who finds this hard to discern is always free to unfollow our social media account.

We have no financial backers who lobby us or dictate our content because ALL DONATIONS to Terror Alarm remain anonymous - ONLY through the cryptocurrency wallets provided at the bottom of this page and also on @terror_alarm's Twitter profile. 

Terror Alarm is independent and self-funded by activists and journalists who work on our project from several countries around the world. We report only the facts and not a personal attitude toward the facts. As some of our former team's private information has been illegally leaked, yes Terror Alarm's current core team is of Jewish descent. BUT Terror Alarm is a private enterprise and a private security firm that is in no way affiliated with any country or government or religion. All the news, views, and opinions are explicitly our own. What we say SHOULD NEVER reflect on the government of Israel or Jews in general, or any other entity, country, or religion.

Community Rules: If you use our exclusive news and articles on our website or our social media, we should be credited as the source, unless otherwise stated. "Asking for sources", "negative, unrelated, or disrespectful comments", and "promoting other sources" are extremely forbidden and can result in a permanent ban at any time without any prior warning or restriction. Islamic and Christian propaganda including quoting  Christian Bible and Muslim Koran verses is also against our terms of service but may not result in a permanent ban.

Services: Besides being a media, we offer a variety of security services, both digital and physical. Please contact us for details. Terror Alarm is active in the real world, the Metaverse, and the DarkWeb. Let us know if you need help.

Social Media:
Twitter:  twitter.com/Terror_Alarm
Telegram:  t.me/terroralarm
Signal:  +972559997626

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