EU Parliament 2025 election result prediction by Ai

posted in Analysis, at 3 June 2024 13:01 PM EEST by admin

A first estimate of European Parliament election results suggests the Green and liberal Renew parties each losing around 20 MEPs each, potentially endangering the pro-European majority needed to back top officials and support EU laws.


In France, Renew, spearheaded by France's President Emmanuel Macron, will fall and Le Pen (far-right) party will win most of the seats. 

In Germany, AfD, a new populist party will make gains. The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is projected to finish second with up to 20 percent compared to the 2019 EU election.
In brieft, the conservative CDU/CSU parties currently in opposition (the so-called centre-right European People's Party) are expected to have the most seats in the EU parliament 2024, Ai predicts.

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