What to expect in 2023

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Top Tweets by Terror Alarm AI Admin give you an idea of what is going to happen in the new year.

Putin spent 12 hours in meetings at the headquarters of the "special military operation" talking with his commanders about the "next phase" of the Ukraine war in 2023.

#AI data analysis shows that #China is developing its deadliest virus to be released in 2023 in a third country. 

"World War III, using biological weapons by World Powers, solar storms, or solar tsunamis" predicted by Baba Vanga

The European Parliament approves the first package for 2023 for Ukraine, worth 18 billion euros.

2023 will be the year Israel will rise and bring an end to imperialism, populism, Islamism, and communism.

Mossad's chief, on Iran's 2023 plans

Scotland and #Wales are accusing the #UK Government of "stealing" Scottish and Welsh money to finance #Ukraine in 2023.

Antisemitic Kanye West will probably not live past the year 2023. 

President Zelensky demands $38 billion in financial assistance from world leaders to cover Ukraine's budget deficit in 2023. 

EU to provide Ukraine with 1.5 billion euros each a month during 2023.

The amazing artist-philanthropist and pioneer of body and performance art Marina Abramović sends divine energy to make World Peace in 2023.

Medvedev claims that in 2023, the EU will collapse, the Fourth Reich will be created and Elon Musk will be elected president of the US.

IDF soldier and pop star and one of the top 50 world's most influential Jews Noa Kirel will be representing Israel next year at the #Eurovision Song Contest.

Evergrande to release #Metaverse game where people can buy lands and build labs in Wuhan, China.

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