Survival list for those who believe in the "Great Reset" conspiracy theory

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Terror Alarm recommended Survival list (Updated on October 1 - 2022):FEwJBxnXEAMPOlh?format=png&name=900x900

  1. Distilled water and seltzer water.

  2. Canned liquids.

  3. Potassium iodide pill

  4. Dehydrated powdered milk, whey, and eggs.

  5. Hard cheeses encased in wax, plastic.

  6. Protein bars and protein drinks.

  7. Canned & dehydrated meats, poultry, seafood.

  8. Drink mixes Coffee, bouillon, tea.

  9. Oils (butter, lard, olive oil, organic shortening).

  10. Whole wheat flour, bread, and pancake mixes.

  11. Cereals Shredded Wheat, corn, or rice.

  12. Potato flour and Potato Flakes.

  13. Corn as a grain (dried).

  14. Corn as a vegetable.

  15. Oats and Oatmeal.

  16. Bread crumbs and stuffings.

  17. Shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals.

  18. Crackers and cookies.

  19. Potato Flakes and au gratin potatoes. 

  20. White Rice and Pastas.

  21. A lot of batteries and Power Banks.

  22. Raisins, dried fruits, and fruit strips.

  23. Toothbrushes and toothpaste.

  24. Canned fruits.

  25. Canned veggies.

  26. Beans and legumes.

  27. Nuts, seeds, and nut-butters.

  28. Honey, Nutella, Jams, and jellies.

  29. Iodized salt, sea salt, and normal salt.

  30. Sugars and Molasses.

  31. Spices and herbs.

  32. Condiments.

  33. Chocolates. 

  34. Solar Panels, Diesel Generator.

  35. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.

  36. Medicine: Aspirin, Antihistamine, Antibiotic ointment, Bandages, Cough suppressant, and flu relief medicine, Antacids, Thermometer, Heat and ice packs, Vitamins.

  37. Leavening Agents: Baking soda and baking powder, dry yeast.

  38. If you live in a house or farm, consider buying live animals like chickens, cows,... etc. 

  39. Do not keep cash, do not keep money in your bank accounts, instead keep real gold or silver, or cryptocurrencies from our verified list.

  40. Stay away from large cities. The smaller the city you live in, the more chance you will have to survive.

  41. Matches, Paper, Woods.

  42. Flashlight.

  43. Multi-tool.

  44. First-Aid Kit.

  45. Hand-Crank Radio.

  46. Sleeping Bag.

  47. Warm Blanket.

  48. Pillow.

  49. Cleaning Agent.

  50. Water storage.

  51. Emergency Blanket.

  52. Whistle.

  53. Hand Warmers.

  54. Masks.

  55. Fire Extinguisher.

  56. A tent.

  57. Plastic Sheeting.

  58. Duct Tape and Paracord.

  59. Personal Hygiene Products.

  60. A Shovel For waste disposal.

  61. Generator.

  62. Gas.

  63. Solar Panel.

  64. Solar light.

  65. EMP Protection.

  66. Mini Water Filter.

  67. Survival Firearm and knife.

This list is updated by Terror Alarm on Oct 01.2022

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