Right-wing Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings, found dead

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Right-wing Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings, found dead in Hoge Kempen National Park.6b035a09bb.jpg


Europe's Most Wanted terrorist on the run!

Netherlands & Germany are on a manhunt for Belgian military deserter Jürgen Conings.

Originally known as Belgian Rambo for his para-commando expertise,  Conings has now been nicknamed  Anti Lockdown Rambo.

 AntiLockdownRambo Jürgen Conings deserted from Belgium's military in opposition to COVID19 lockdowns & vowed to mount an armed "resistance" against lockdowns.

⚡Conings is an experienced sniper. He is heavily armed & dangerous. The public must stay away from him!⚡

The 400 Belgian soldiers who've been conducting Belgium-wide manhunt for AntiLockdownRambo Jürgen Conings have been joined by Dutch & German Special Forces.

⚡So far only the abandoned car of Europe's Most Wanted has been found, 80 km from NATO HQ

Supporters of AntiLockdownRambo Jürgen Conings held a March For Jurgen.

A week since NATO special forces from Belgium Netherlands Germany Luxembourg & France began a manhunt for Conings.

⚡But no sign of the war vet/special forces sniper turned bioterrorist.

Investigators think that Jürgen Conings' abandoned car was a decoy and he likely was never in the park where they've been searching.

⚡Conings is a Putin admirer, so he might no longer be in Belgium, and is on his way to Russia for asylum/hiding.

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