Why should the West Recognize and even arm Taliban

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When it comes to Afghanistan Iran's policy is so complex.

Iran had deep tensions with the Taliban in the 1990s when Taliban was viciously suppressing Hazzara Shi’ites in Afghanistan and hosting Al Qaeda elements who sought to target Iran.

The sectarianism bubbling to the surface in those days pitted Sunni jihadists against minority Shi’ites which, at the far end of the jihadist spectrum, they viewed as subhuman infidels. ISIS, for instance, committed genocide against Shi’ites, more than Yazidis and others.

Now Iran is watching as the Taliban come to power. Where Iran agrees with the Taliban is the need to get the US out of Afghanistan and the region. But where it disagrees is in how the Taliban looks at Iran, and that is what the west should use against Iran.

Most of Taliban were educated in Saudi-financed madrassas in Pakistan that teach Wahhabism.

Wahabi scholars have given fatwas to kill shias and that when they kill 7 shias they go to heaven. Killing others religions won't guarantee their heaven, even if they kill all of them.

Taliban has recently announced that their Islamic Emirates will not be limited to Afghanistan.

It is likely they are going to start with Iran, the only Shia neighbor to Afghanistan.

For the time being, It is on west's best interest to recognize and arm Taliban aganist Iran.

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