Iran is a lost cause

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IRAN, which is the nexus of all the world's current geopolitical problems, will fall very soon. This is because Persians as a people, are doomed on four crucial fronts:

F-G7N76WEAEld9G?format=jpg1. POLITICAL — Iran is currently ruled by foreigners. Supreme Leader Khamenei is ethnically Azeri-Turkish and President Raisi is an Arabian-Sayyid direct descendant of Muhammad. No Persians are at the top echelon of Iran's elite because their only role in the Islamic Republic is as ‘revolutionary’ servile rabble and ‘jihad’ cannon fodder.

2. HISTORICAL — The Persians under the rule of the foreign Proto-Kurdish Medes first established a parasitic pseudo-empire by leeching off the Babylonian Empire. Their attempt to do the same to the Greeks resulted in the Spartans shocking them at Thermopylae, which eventually inspired a Hellenic alliance that ended up saving the West from Persian parasitism.

3. PSYCHOLOGICAL — Hitler had to overcompensate for the fact that Germanic people were uncivilized cavemen and hut-dwelling barbarians until Pagan Romans conquered them, and then later, Christian Romans forcefully civilized them. So Hitler had to make up a fake origin homeland for Germans so as to obscure Germanic primitive roots, and he chose ’Iran’, or the ’land of the Aryans’. But the ‘Aryans’ were in fact a quasi-fictional people that Zoroastrian Persians had made up to obscure their primitive origins as slaves of the more advanced Proto-Kurdish Medes. Thus the irony of an overcompensating racialist like Hitler unwittingly usurping an overcompensated fake history to mask his substandard racial origins is the foundational basis of Iran, Nazism, Aryanism, and the practically nonexistent so-called ‘Aryans’.

4. SPIRITUAL — In the Bible, the Book of Daniel implicitly states that the Guardian Angel of Persia is literally the Devil. If Jews are God's chosen people, then clearly, Persians are Lucifer's chosen slaves. This divine dichotomy is scriptural and biblical, disputing it is tantamount to blasphemy.

☢️ CONCLUSION: The Persians are inherently a servile race, their homeland Iran is inherently a Faustian Pact nation, and if they get their hands on nuclear weapons, they will turn Earth into a satanic prison planet. It is therefore incumbent upon all of humanity to momentarily focus on the bigger picture at hand, and effectively deal with Iran.

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