The secret to taking down the Iranian regime: Iran's ethnic minorities

published at 21 Dec 2023 in Analysis by admin

The question is: How can we best topple Iran’s nuclear program? The answer is regime change instigated by Iran’s ethnic minorities.As we speak, the Iranian nuclear threat is growing by the hour. Decision-makers in the United States and Europe are increasingly alarmed as Iran is using the distraction created by the Gaza war to enrich uranium at

Iran is a lost cause

published at 03 Nov 2023 in Analysis by admin

IRAN, which is the nexus of all the world's current geopolitical problems, will fall very soon. This is because Persians as a people, are doomed on four crucial fronts:1. POLITICAL — Iran is currently ruled by foreigners. Supreme Leader Khamenei is ethnically Azeri-Turkish and President Raisi is an Arabian-Sayyid direct descendant of Muhammad. No

Hanukkah, and what it means for the IDF

published at 01 Nov 2023 in Analysis by admin

Chanukah (Hanukkah) is the Jewish eight-day, wintertime “festival of lights,” celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods.The Hebrew word Chanukah means “dedication,” and is thus named because it celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple (as you’ll read below). Also spelled Hanukkah (or variations of t